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Atlanta Falcons Update After Thursday’s Positive Test



Atlanta Falcons Update After Thursday’s Positive Test

On Thursday morning, the Atlanta Falcons had a bit of a COVID-19 scare. It was first reported that the team had four positive tests within its facility.

Luckily, that initial report doesn’t sound like it was accurate. Hours later, we found out that it was actually just one positive after things were confirmed, from a member of the franchise’s non-player personnel.

The team shut down its facility out of caution. Today, the Falcons are able to return to prepare for Sunday’s game at the Minnesota Vikings. It will be the team’s first game under interim head coach Raheem Morris, after the firing of Dan Quinn following the team’s 0-4 start.

Results from the team’s tests are in from today. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, everyone has been cleared, which is obviously great news.

It isn’t all great news for the NFL on that front this morning, of course. The Indianapolis Colts have their first COVID-19 scare of the year, with “several individuals” testing positive. The team has shut down its facility, as they wait for those results to be confirmed.

The virus has already wreaked some havoc on the schedule for the year, and the NFL has had to significantly shuffle a number of schedules to fit the season in its 17-week time frame so far. We’ll see if they wind up having to add more time at the end of the year, ahead of the playoffs, or if they opt to move to a situation where not every team plays 16 games. That will be highly controversial, if so.

The Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings is scheduled to kick off at 1 p.m. ET. on Sunday.

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