‘Bowl patiently, wait for mistakes’ – Taskin’s mantra for fast bowlers in flat Chattogram

‘Bowl patiently, wait for mistakes’ – Taskin’s mantra for fast bowlers in flat Chattogram

In the recently concluded series between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, the Bangladeshi fast bowlers, including Mustafizur Rahman, Taskin Ahmed and Abu Hider Rony, made waves in the minds of cricket admirers with their skill and performance. Taskin Ahmed, in particular, displayed great determination and bowling discipline in every game, and was rewarded with consistent performance. One of the key mantras that he follows for fast bowlers in flat Chattogram is, ‘Bowl patiently, wait for mistakes.’

Having played for Bangladesh for the past few years, Taskin has developed immense experience and bowling skills. This helped him perform exceptionally in the dead pitches in Chattogram, a city where the pitches tend to be flat and slow with very little to no turn. Taskin Ahmed believes that getting a wicket in such conditions is not always dependent on speed and force, but more on being patient and persistent until the batsman commits a mistake.

Taskin utilized this mantra and had successful bowling spells in the series against Zimbabwe, earning him three-wicket hauls in two of the three matches he played, including a four-wicket haul in one game.

“Bowlers need to be patient and wait for their chances here in Chattogram,” said Taskin. “It’s not always about speed and power, but often about bowling at the right areas and generating some pressure so that the batsman commits a mistake. That is key for bowlers in these conditions”.

Taskin Ahmed has certainly done himself justice by following his mantra and going on to become one of Bangladesh’s most famed bowlers. His mantra that ‘Bowl patiently, wait for mistakes’ is considered a valuable piece of advice for fast bowlers operating in similar flat pitch conditions.

Taskin’s Advice for Fast Bowlers in Flat Chattogram

Bangladesh fast bowler Taskin Ahmed has offered his words of wisdom for fast bowlers who find themselves facing the challenging, lifeless pitches of Chattogram. He calls his advice “bowl patiently, wait for mistakes.”

Patience Is Key

Taskin’s advice centers around being endlessly patient when bowling in this part of the world. While most bowlers would want to snatch up every opportunity to catch a batsman out, grabbing too many wickets too quickly can often result in an early end to their spell. Taskin stresses that when encounter a flat pitch, fast bowlers should focus on bowling accurately. As long as they can remain disciplined and keep good length and line, wickets will eventually come.

Take Advantage of Mistakes

Taskin further advises that bowlers in this environment should wait for batsmen to make mistakes. Batsmen on flat pitches sometimes overreach due to the lack of swing in the air. This is when bowlers should make their move, using variations they have practiced to get batsmen out. Whether it’s a yorker, a bouncer, or an inswinger, the bowlers should be ready to capitalize on their opponent’s mistakes.


For fast bowlers in flat Chattogram, Taskin Ahmed’s mantra of “bowl patiently, wait for mistakes” can be invaluable advice. It might take more time and effort to take wickets in this region, but it is certainly worth it in the end. With the right attitude and a little luck, fast bowlers can get the results they desire in any region.

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