Christine McVie’s music: 5 songs to listen to in her honor

Christine McVie’s music: 5 songs to listen to in her honor

It has been over three decades since Christine McVie graced us with her beautiful music, but her spirit and legacy are still alive today. Whether you have just recently discovered her music or have been a fan since the ‘70s, it is worth taking some time each day to listen to the songs that make Christine McVie so beloved. Here is a list of her five most enduring songs that are worth listening to, in her honor.

“Little Lies” was the breakthrough hit for the Fleetwood Mac, their first hit to make the U.S. Top Five, thanks to McVie’s sultry and infectious chorus. Credited to the whole band, her soft and soulful voice is unmistakable. It’s a song to be enjoyed repeatedly, by yourself or with friends.

“Everywhere” is a sublime pop song about love and longing, written for Buckingham’s then-girlfriend and eventual wife, Stevie Nicks. It became Fleetwood Mac’s third Top Ten hit and had McVie’s trademark buoyant keyboard and her signature vocal harmonies.

“Don’t Stop” became an anthem for the Carter administration and earned a place on the “Lion King Soundtrack”. This lighthearted track with its bluesy guitar riffs, a great vocal performance, and a memorable chorus is pure McVie.

“Songbird” is a sentimental song McVie wrote as a tribute to her former musical partner, Bob Weston. It is a moving ballad with a simple and beautiful melody, and one of the most beloved songs associated with the group.

“Hold Me” was the first single from her 1984 collaboration with Fleetwood Mac and her first solo Number One hit. A starry-eyed romance song, this beautiful romantic pop song made Rolling Stones’ list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”.

Christine McVie’s songwriting abilities have brought her massive success and endearment from fans around the world. Listen to these classics and revel in her musical genius.

Christine McVie’s Music: 5 Songs to Listen to In Her Honor

Christine McVie took the music world by storm with her hits including ‘Everywhere’, ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘Little Lies.’ McVie’s legacy of writing, recording, and performing classic music made her one of the most memorable song-writing powerhouses of the 70’s and 80’s.

To pay homage to one of the greatest songwriters of all time, here is a list of five essential McVie songs everyone should listen to in her honor.

1. Everywhere

A 1987 hit, ‘Everywhere’ was part of McVie’s solo album Clue. This catchy and upbeat track quickly rose to the top of the charts. It is the perfect song to put a smile on your face and celebrate McVie’s music legacy.

2. Don’t Stop

No list of McVie’s bests songs would be complete without her immense hit, ‘Don’t Stop.’ The song was released in 1977 as part of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album. It not only captures McVie’s songwriting genius but also touches upon the raw emotion and power felt in the lyrics.

3. Little Lies

‘Little Lies’ is another one of Christine McVie’s many hit singles released in 1987. The song captures McVie’s ability to write in an entrancing and uplifting manner. Filled with cleverly crafted lyrics, ‘Little Lies’ is a must-listen to honor her musical legacy.

4. Songbird

Considered a classic, ‘Songbird’ was featured on Fleetwood Mac’s hugely popular Rumours album. The romantic and mellow song is McVie’s ode to love and shows her immense talent for creating beautiful melodies.

5. Tell Me Lies

Released in 1979 on Tusk, the follow-up to the iconic Rumours album, ‘Tell Me Lies’ is an upbeat and light-hearted track. Full of catchy hooks and a catchy chorus, this song is an upbeat and fun homage to McVie’s music.

By listening to these five songs, you can pay tribute to one of the most beloved and influential songwriters of our time. From catchy and upbeat songs like ‘Everywhere’ and ‘Tell Me Lies’ to romantic ballads like ‘Songbird,’ McVie’s musical legacy still lives on.

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