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Eddie Vedder Performs of Pearl Jam’s ‘River Cross’ For ‘One World’ Benefit



Eddie Vedder Performs of Pearl Jam's 'River Cross' For 'One World' Benefit

Eddie Vedder on One World: Collectively At Residence. Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder carried out a spine-chilling solo model of “River Cross” on the One World: Collectively at Residence profit event on Saturday night time (Apr. 18).

Wearing a black shirt and black ballcap and surrounded by candles, Eddie Vedder carried out the music  which seems on Pearl Jam’s Gigaton album — along with his personal groaning organ work because the lone accompaniment. The music‘s closing chorus of “Share the sunshine/ Will not maintain us down,” delivered in Vedder’s signature wail, proved a robust message for a really fragile cultural second.

Curated in collaboration with Lady Gaga and arranged by World Citizen, the One World: Collectively at Residence particular is airing throughout CBS, ABC and NBC on Saturday night time, with proceeds aimed “to help frontline healthcare staff and the WHO.”

Pearl Jam’s Gigaton set was launched on March 27, and debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Eddie Vedder, the frontman for Pearl Jam, performed on an organ for “River Cross” from the band’s new album, “Gigaton.”

The song contains a hopeful ending refrain of, “Share the light/Won’t hold us down.”

Beyoncé highlighted how black Americans have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus during the “One World: Together at Home” concert.

After thanking all those in the food industry, mail carriers and sanitation workers, she noted that “black Americans disproportionately belong to these areas of the workforce” and that “African American communities at large have been seriously affected by this crisis.”

“We are one family,” she said.

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