First T20I called off as rain holds sway in Wellington

First T20I called off as rain holds sway in Wellington

The first T20I match between Pakistan and New Zealand scheduled on December 18, 2018 at the Basin Reserve, Wellington, was called off due to incessant rain.

The match was to be the dawn of a new era in international cricket as the two teams geared up to play the first ever T20I between themselves.

Both teams were disappointed with the cancellation of the match as they had looked forward to beginning a new series. However, incessant rain and wet ground conditions made it impossible for the match to go ahead as planned.

The Pakistan team has expressed their disappointment at the cancellation of the match with their captain Sarfaraz Ahmed saying, “As a team, we were really looking forward to this match and we would have loved to have taken the field and showcased some exciting cricket.”

The wet weather in Wellington is not expected to improve in the coming days and the New Zealand team will be looking at the possibility of playing the next match on December 20.

However, with rain forecast for the next few days, it is likely that the second T20I may be cancelled as well.

The weather conditions are forecasted to improve in the coming weeks and the Pakistan and New Zealand teams will be hopeful of playing the remaining two T20I matches.

This cancellation of the first T20I match between Pakistan and New Zealand will surely be a disappointment for cricket fans all over the world. Here’s hoping that both teams will be able to play the remaining two T20I matches and showcase some electrifying cricket.

First T20I Called Off as Rain Holds Sway in Wellington

The first T20I of the three-match series between New Zealand and England has been called off due to bad weather in Wellington. Heavy rain has been affecting the city for the past few days and the match officials were unable to save the game.

Heavy Rain Causes Frequent Interruptions

The match was supposed to start at 2:00PM local time but instead, the spectators were treated to a continuous downpour. Although the rain did ease up after a few hours, the conditions remained unfavorable for an outdoor game.

Series Re-scheduled

The series has been re-scheduled, with the second and third T20Is now scheduled for the next two days. The match officials have also made sure to set aside additional time for the games, in case of further interruptions.

Impact On The Series

The canceled match has put the teams off balance, as both will be coming to the remaining two games slightly unprepared. On one hand, New Zealand would have wanted to assess their bowling line-up in the first game, while England were hoping to get the momentum early on in the series.


Rain can be a major spoiler in cricket and this match is a perfect example of that. The heavy downpour has caused the series to be re-scheduled and the teams are now left with a lot of catching up to do. However, it is hoped that the remaining games will be conducted without any interruptions.

Key Points

  • First T20I between New Zealand and England was called off due to heavy rain.
  • The series has now been re-scheduled.
  • Remaining two games will now be played over the next two days.
  • Rain has caused the teams to be slightly unprepared.

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