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Google Doodle celebrates Winter Solstice and Great Conjunction



Google Doodle celebrates Winter Solstice and Great Conjunction

Google Doodle celebrates Winter Solstice and Great Conjunction its brand Monday to not solely celebrate the primary day of winter however a uncommon celestial occasion.

The Monday doodle honors the Winter Solstice, which takes place on Dec. 21 and marks the shortest day and longest evening of the yr.

It additionally commemorates the Great Conjunction, an occasion throughout which the 2 largest planets in our photo voltaic system Jupiter and Saturn – will almost overlap to kind a “double planet.”


How uncommon is that this prevalence? The final time an in depth conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was seen by people was 1226.

Primarily based on their orbits, from our vantage level on Earth, Jupiter and Saturn will cross inside .1 levels of one another (a fraction of the width of the total moon),” reads an outline of the occasion by Google.

Within the doodle, guests will see Jupiter occupy one of many O’s within the brand as they watch Saturn move by and provides a fast high-five.

A conjunction this shut is not anticipated to occur once more till 2080.

Wyatte Grantham-Philips contributed to this report. Observe Brett Molina on Twitter: @brettmolina23.

Google handled web searchers all over the world to a pair of lively doodles celebrating the “Winter Solstice and Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn and the solstice, each occurring on Dec. 21.

Tonight, Jupiter and Saturn will come so shut in Earth’s sky that they might seem as one brilliant level, as a substitute of two separate planets. Whereas the pair close to one another in a conjunction as soon as each 20 years, people have not been in a position to see them this carefully aligned in approximately 800 years; the one intervening nice conjunction occurred throughout daylight.

To have fun the event, Google put collectively an animation changing its two “O”s with the planet Saturn, swinging in to high-five Jupiter and doff its rings to its fellow fuel large, all whereas a tiny Earth beneath appears to be like on in pleasure.

In fact, whereas Jupiter and Saturn will seem to method one another as seen from Earth’s sky, the 2 planets will stay as far absent from one another within the photo voltaic system’s expanses as ever. Our perspective from Earth’s floor merely does not permit us to discern the space between Jupiter and Saturn.

Google customers in North America, Europe and Asia have been handled to a particular model of the doodle, with snow adorning the remaining letters within the search operate‘s identify to mark the Northern Hemisphere’s winter solstice.

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