Japan’s boom in weird wearable tech


Japan’s boom in weird wearable tech

In recent years, Japan has seen a rapid increase in the development and deployment of weird wearable technology. From robotic cats to robotic tails, J

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In recent years, Japan has seen a rapid increase in the development and deployment of weird wearable technology. From robotic cats to robotic tails, Japanese technology enthusiasts have pushed the envelope in exploring the possibilities of new and unique wearable technology.

One of the most popular emerging technologies is robotic cats, or necomimis, which are small robotic animals worn on the body like a piece of clothing. Necomimis are programmed to interact with their owners in a variety of ways including purring, meowing, and even playing games. They are often used to comfort people in times of stress or to just provide companionship.

Robotic tails, or kintaiyons, are another type of wearable tech invented in Japan. Kintaiyons are designed to wrap around the user’s waist and swing with the user’s movements to give the feeling of having a tail. This technology has been adopted by professional dancers and is even used in some theatrical productions.

In addition to these two unique technologies, Japan has also seen the emergence of 3D printed earrings and necklaces. These pieces are made using computer-aided design technology and can be customized to fit each individual wearer’s style.

Finally, Japanese tech enthusiasts have also explored the use of virtual reality to create unique experiences while wearing the necessary headsets and gloves. These experiences can range from playing sports or exploring a virtual world, to immersing the wearer in a unique environment or situation.

Overall, Japanese technology enthusiasts have demonstrated a willingness and an eagerness to explore the possibilities of new and unique wearable technology. This willingness and eagerness has enabled Japan to become a leader in the development of weird wearable technology. As the field continues to grow, so will the opportunities for technology enthusiasts to explore the potential of wearable tech.

Japan’s Boom in Weird Wearable Tech

In recent years, Japan has become renowned for its innovation and enthusiasm for technology, especially when it comes to wearable tech. This fast-growing trend is often quite bizarre, and often becomes the talk of the town.

What Exactly is Weird Wearable Tech?

Weird wearable tech covers a wide range of devices, including those that track your health, provide entertainment, or even those that provide a surreal experience. Some of the most bizarre products to come out of Japan are ‘emotion recognition devices’ that can detect the wearer’s mood, as well as wristbands which monitor your sleep patterns.

Below Popularizing Weird Wearable Tech

The popularity of wearable technology has surged in Japan in recent years, thanks to the rising trend of ‘kao-no-mawari’ – a term which roughly translates to ‘using technology to beautify the face’. This is the idea of using technology to enhance one’s appearance and lifestyle.

In order to make these technologies more desirable, they are often designed in the form of cute and friendly animal characters, often in the form of bracelets. In this way, they can be more attractive to the public.

Why Is Japan So Keen?

Japan has long been an early adopter of technology, particularly in the area of wearable tech. The culture has a great desire to keep up with the latest trends, and this bleeds into the number of wearables which have been released in Japan in recent years.

Moreover, with Japan’s aging population, there is a large desire for technologies which can help to keep older people healthier and safe. Wearables such as smart glasses, fitness trackers, and even smartwatches enable elderly people to keep up with their health and wellness, as well as providing extra situational awareness.


Japan has become a leader in the world of weird wearable tech. With its population’s drive to stay ahead of the latest trends, there’s no telling what we’ll be seeing in the near future!

Be it health tracking, entertainment, or surreal experiences, Japan will continue to lead the way in wearable technology, and we can only wonder what strange creations are on the horizon.