Keke Palmer reveals baby bump as part of her ‘Saturday Night Live’ opening monologue


Keke Palmer reveals baby bump as part of her ‘Saturday Night Live’ opening monologue

Keke Palmer revealed a secret baby bump as a part of her opening monologue for the latest episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL).The actress and singe

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Keke Palmer revealed a secret baby bump as a part of her opening monologue for the latest episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL).

The actress and singer, who wore a shimmering floor-length gown for the special episode, successfully shocked the audience with the surprise announcement. After introducing herself as the evening’s host, Palmer took a pause and placed her hands on her stomach. She then said “I’m KéKé Palmer and I am six months pregnant.”

She went on to reveal that it was “the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me”, noting that she had been keeping the pregnancy a secret from friends and family until that point.

The reveal set off a celebratory and supportive atmosphere at the studio, and was accompanied by plenty of applause and a few tears of joy from the crowd. However, Palmer quipped: “Don’t worry, I’m not ready for children, so this is just for me.”

The monologue also included a heartfelt special message to “all the strong women out there who have to do it all on their own” and introduced an original song titled “My Inspiration”, meant to honor mothers, in honor of Mother’s Day.

The pregnancy reveal was met with huge enthusiasm online, as fans and celebrities reacted to the news with admiration and support. Palmer has yet to disclose any further details about her pregnancy, but the news and her inspirational message made for an unforgettable SNL performance.

Keke Palmer Reveals Baby Bump During Saturday Night Live Monologue

Keke Palmer took her stint as guest host of Saturday Night Live by storm. The moment she stepped into the studio, she made a major statement when she revealed her baby bump during her opening monologue. Fans had no idea that the A-lister was expecting until the moment it was revealed on the popular show.

Tear-Filled Monologue

The monologue was filled with emotion as Palmer shared with viewers about the unexpected pregnancy and discussed how 2020 has been a year of unexpected happenings for her personally.

Her Reaction

Palmer seemed to be thrilled about the pregnancy, and she shared her excitement with viewers through her tear-filled monologue. It was clear that the experience has been an amazing one for her.

Message to Viewers

In the monologue, Palmer shared a message that has resonated with viewers: She wants everyone to follow their heart and their dreams and dare to go against the grain, even when it seems impossible.

Memorable Milestone

The moment will stand as a milestone in national television history, as no other political or comedic show has featured a pregnant star revealing her baby bump in the same way as Palmer did on SNL.

Supportive Remarks

Afterward, Palmer was flooded with messages of love and support from fans and celebrities alike. From heartfelt messages about the monologue, to excited questions about the easily seen baby bump, Palmer was met with praise and admiration from her fans.

Celebrating Parenthood

The message she left to the audience is one of hope and honor when it comes to parenthood. She is advocating for people to break the boundaries and celebrate the journey, regardless of the unexpected nature of things.

Now, Palmer is taking on motherhood with positivity and joy, inspiring many to infuse their own lives with the same confidence and optimism.


Keke Palmer became one of the most memorable guest hosts in SNL history when she stepped onto the stage during her hosting gig and revealed her pregnant belly. Her tear-filled monologue included a message of a courage to those wishing to pursue their dreams, no matter how unexpected they are. Her supportive fanbase responded with love and admiration and Palmer is now happily embracing motherhood.