Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reach divorce settlement

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West and media mogul Kim Kardashian have officially reached a divorce settlement after deciding to end their seven-year ma

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Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West and media mogul Kim Kardashian have officially reached a divorce settlement after deciding to end their seven-year marriage.

After filing for divorce in February 2021, Kardashian and West have finally come to an agreement to end their high-profile union. According to court documents, the two have agreed to jointly share legal and physical custody of their children.

Kardashian and West have also reached a private financial agreement that has not been made public. While the details of their divorce are still unclear, it is known that Kardashian will keep the four properties that were jointly purchased during their marriage.

West and Kardashian first made headlines in April 2012 when the two went public with their relationship. The two were married in Italy just two years later.

Throughout their marriage, the two made several appearances in the media, including a highly rated E! television series and appearances in music videos. West also made headlines for his presidential run in 2020.

Although the two have officially ended their marriage, it appears as though they have put their differences aside. Although sources have not yet confirmed whether Kardashian and West have reconciled, it appears they have since moved on amicably.

Whether the two can rebuild their close friendship or if they will remain distant has yet to be seen. However, one thing is for certain: the dissolution of their marriage is a testament to their ability to put aside personal differences for the sake of peace and progress.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Reach Divorce Settlement

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have officially reached a settlement in their divorce case. After a tumultuous two year marriage, the couple have worked out arrangements regarding the division of their assets, custody of their four children, and other important matters.

Division of Assets

One of the largest items in the agreement was the division of the Kardashian-West’s expansive joint fortune. Some of the details of the agreement remain undisclosed, however, it is known that Kanye West will retain ownership of his athletic wear brand Yeezy, while Kardashian will remain an owner of SKIMS. In addition, both will retain full ownership of their respective real estate portfolios.

Custody of their Children

Kardashian and West have also agreed to joint legal and physical custody of their four children. They have established a co-parenting schedule that outlines particular days and times for each parent to spend with each child, allowing them to spend equal amounts of time with each parent.

Kardashian’s Request for Spousal Support Denied

Kardashian had requested spousal support from West, however, that request was denied. This was due in part to West’s insistence that the marriage was never a legal one, as the couple had been married for only a few months.

What Does the Future Hold?

Kardashian and West’s divorce was finalized in February 2021, and the pair have stated that they remain on good terms and are both dedicated to successfully co-parenting their children. In speaking of her future, Kardashian has stated that she’s looking forward and not dwelling on the tumultuous past.

Despite the challenges they’ve faced, it appears that both Kardashian and West have managed to reach an agreement that is in the best interests of their entire family.