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Kumail Nanjiani just made cauliflower biryani and desis find it an abomination



Kumail Nanjiani just made cauliflower biryani and desis find it an abomination

Social distancing is regularly turning into the norm throughout the globe within the wake of the continued coronavirus pandemic. Celebrities being no exception to this, have additionally self quarantined. Judging from their social media exercise it appears that evidently self-isolation has introduced the very best and worst out of them.

For Kumail Nanjiani the latter appears to be the case. The actor just lately posted an image of biryani he himself made however together with his personal distinctive spin.

Describing it as ‘cauliflower rice biryani’, the Silicon Valley star admitted that desis would deem it as an ‘abomination’. Nonetheless, he asserted that it nonetheless tastes good.

Right now in who-have-I-become, I made cauliflower rice biryani.
I do know desi individuals will contemplate this an abomination. I agree with you. I’m rolling my eyes at me too. Nevertheless it tasted fairly dang good,” he mentioned.

It will be an understatement to say that desis had been fairly upset at Nanjiani’s innovation.

Maybe the actor ought to search for pursuits aside from cooking to maintain himself occupied in quarantine.

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