Nike stars champion ‘Equality’ in new ad


Nike stars champion ‘Equality’ in new ad

Nike, known for iconic ad campaigns, has released a new spot featuring an impressive line up of athletes and celebrities to promote their message of "

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Nike, known for iconic ad campaigns, has released a new spot featuring an impressive line up of athletes and celebrities to promote their message of “Equality.”

The advert showcases a number of sports stars and entertainment personalities, coming together to show the power of teamwork and unity. Such a star-studded line-up includes LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Serena Williams, Ciara, and more.

Each talent pay tribute to 1968’s landmark Olympic banner “Athletes for Human Rights” by crossing arms, uniting athletes of different sports, gender and background in a powerful gesture to show that it is time for accountability and change. The spot also features audio from a powerful speech by B.B. King singing “If You Love Me Like You Say”.

The words “Equality doesn’t guarantee justice” appear at the start of the video, sending a clear message that Nike feel strongly that action should be taken in order to create an equal world for all.

Nike stars championing this meaningful message may inspire others to take a stand, as well as bring focus to the widespread inequality that exist. Nike hopes to show that they are making moves to ensure that everyone can reach their full potential and they want to ensure no matter who you are, you cannot be stopped.

This spot may resonate not just with Nike’s customers, but with all of us, and most importantly, with the people who need it—and the people in power who can make changes.

Nike stands Tall for Equality

Nike has launched a thought provoking new ad campaign standing strong for equality in sport. In the ad which is voiced by tennis star Serena Williams, icons from the world of sport are showcased while they narrate inspiring words.

Celebrity Appearances

The star-studded line-up of sports personalities in the ad include Caster Semenya, LeBron James, Kevin-Prince Boateng and many more.

Connecting with their Audience

Nike’s marketing strategy in this video ad is to motivate their audience in order to gain support for their beliefs, and to demonstrate their commitment to the idea of equality in sport.

Message of Acceptance

The message behind the video is one of acceptance, with it emphasizing that everyone is equal, regardless of their background, gender and race. The campaign is aiming to encourage more inclusivity in sports, and hopes to promote women’s rights, gender equality and fairness.

Pushing Boundaries

Nike has always pushed boundaries, but this latest campaign has been met with a positive response, with people excited to see the sports giant standing up for these values.

Key Takeaways

To summarise:

  • Nike stars champion ‘Equality’ in new ad
  • Caster Semenya, LeBron James, and Kevin-Prince Boateng actor in the ad
  • Nike’s goal is to gain support for the notion of ‘equality in sport’
  • The message from the ad is one of acceptance to everyone, regardless of gender, background or race
  • Nike has been praised for their dedication to championing these values