No, NASA didn’t find evidence of a parallel universe where time runs backwards

No, NASA didn't find evidence of a parallel universe where time runs backwards

However the excellent news: Apparently, scientists have found a parallel universe, identical to our personal. It is slightly totally different to ours although. On this mirror world, time runs backward. It is like a Benjamin Button universe. Meaning they’re heading again to 2019, the great ol’ days, proper?

Let’s play a recreation of dangerous information, excellent news, dangerous news.

Unhealthy information first: 2020. Actually all of it. Each second. Each waking second of 2020. It is grim, I do know. Bushfires, pandemic, murder hornets. When will it finish?

Properly, now extra dangerous information: I am right here to spoil the parallel universe social gathering. Scientists have not really found a parallel universe, however you may suppose they’ve, based mostly on a number of stories from throughout the net.

In the previous couple of days a number of publications have recommended scientists “discovered proof” for a parallel universe the place time runs backward. These mind-bending articles posit that an experiment in Antarctica detected particles that break the legal guidelines of physics. All of the stories pull from the identical supply of knowledgeA pay-walled report by New Scientist on April 8 titled “We might have noticed a parallel universe going backwards in time.”

On the heart of the report are findings from the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna or ANITA, an experiment maintained by researchers at NASA”>NASA. It includes an array of radio antennas connected to a helium balloon which flies over the Antarctic ice sheet at 37,000 meters, virtually 4 instances as excessive as a industrial flight. At such a top, the antennas can “pay attention” to the cosmos and detect high-energy particles, generally known as neutrinos, which consistently bombard the planet.

These particles pose no risk to us and cross by most stable objects with out anybody even noticing — some estimates counsel 100 trillion neutrinos cross by your physique each second! Hardly ever do they work together with matter. But when they do smash into an atom, they produce a bathe of secondary particles we will detect, which permits us to probe the place they got here from within the universe. ANITA detects neutrinos pinging in from area and colliding with matter within the Antarctic ice sheet.

Over time, ANITA has detected a handful of “anomalous” occasions. As a substitute of the high-energy neutrinos streaming in from area, they appear to have come from a wierd angle, by the Earth’s inside, earlier than hitting the detector. These findings cannot be defined by our present understanding of physics — that a lot is true.

The weird ANITA occasions have been identified and mentioned since 2016,” says Ron Ekers, an honorary fellow at CSIRO, Australia’s nationwide science company. “After 4 years there was no passable rationalization of the anomalous occasions seen by ANITA so that is very irritating, particularly to these concerned.”

Though the New Scientist report was filed on April 8 — and the ANITA outcomes are virtually two years previousthe idea has solely not too long ago caught fireplace. Ever extra pressing headlines have spurred its unfold throughout social media. “NASA uncovers proof of weird parallel universe the place physics, time function in reverse” reads one. One other says “Scientists might have simply discovered proof of a parallel universe.”

As a result of the New Scientist piece is behind a pay wall, lots of the subsequent stories on the parallel universe are cribbed from the opening paragraphs and do not clarify the total particulars behind the discover, through which one of many scientists admits “there are one or two unfastened ends” for the parallel universe concept. There’s one other neutrino observatory on the South Pole, generally known as IceCube, which has been following up on the ANITA observations and suggests the usual mannequin of physics can’t clarify these unusual occasions.

“In such a scenario you begin exploring much more excessive prospects,” says Ekers.

There’s a actually fascinating science story right here, nevertheless it‘s not the one you are being offered. The ANITA experiment is mind-boggling in its personal proper. It seems for “ghostly” particles that cross by most matter. It has undoubtedly detected one thing uncommon and sudden. There are many competing theories that are not explored within the fast information hits, like the idea the Antarctic ice may itself be giving rise to these anomalous events.

Pat Scott, an astroparticle phenomenologist on the College of Queensland, explains the concept “is believablewhereas suggesting there are numerous, many different theories that may account for the anomalous ANITA detections. “There’s nothing that essentially makes it a detection of a parallel universe,” he says.

What this boils right down to is easy: There’s a lot we do not learn about neutrinos that astrophysicists and scientists are nonetheless making an attempt to unravel. “We’re completely certain that there’s new physics on the market to be discovered,” says Clancy James, a radio astronomer at Curtin College in Australia.

Leaping straight to “parallel universes” is slightly over-the-top, and there are much less mind-boggling theories that would clarify what ANITA has detected. “There are a variety of potential candidate particles that would account for the outcomes from ANITA,” says Geraint Lewis, an astrophysicist on the College of Sydney.

While parallel universes sound thrilling and horny when discussing the ANITA sign, various concepts are nonetheless on the desk,” Lewis notes. He additionally says that does not imply the concept is fallacioushowever the weight of proof is presently in opposition to it.

Sadly, the vast majority of stories regurgitating this concept with out thorough examination of the proof complicate the general public‘s relationship with science, which is already on shaky ground thanks to misinformation campaigns around climate change and the coronavirus pandemic.

Whenever you see tales like these its good to recollect “the Sagan Customary“, an adage uttered by the famed astronomer Carl Sagan. It goes “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” At current, we have got an ideal concept however we lack the extraordinary proof to again it up.

What we do have, Ekers says, is “a considerably cheeky rationalization … born out of the frustration of getting nothing else that labored.” He says that is “good out-of-the-box pondering” and a “fascinating” thought however not one which must be taken very severely.

So, I am sorry. We did not discover proof for a parallel universe. Luckily, if there is one, then over there this text would not spoil the idea in any respect! It helps it! So please, direct all of your electronic mail towards the parallel universe Jackson Ryan.

No, I will not be taking questions.

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