Starc: ‘Tests always far above the white-ball cricket’

Starc: ‘Tests always far above the white-ball cricket’

The Australian all-rounder, Marcus Starc, has highlighted his achievements in test cricket while stressing the importance of the longer format of the game.

In recent years, with the rise of the white-ball cricket, the longer form of the game has lost its importance. However, Starc believes playing in test cricket may give more recognition to a player as it helps to recognize their true potential.

At a recent press conference, Starc said “I think Tests are always probably far above the white-ball cricket. Playing the longer form of the game shows the true batting and bowling ability of the individual. Especially in the longer formats of the game, a player needs to have patience, focus, and concentration throughout to get the best out of themselves. And if you can do that consistently, it usually shows how good you are.”

Starc credited former Australian captain, Steve Smith, as his inspiring figure for test cricket. According to Starc, Smith’s remarkable performance in test cricket “…set an example for Test cricket in this generation. He showed us that Test cricket is still relevant and it still has a role to play in modern cricket. His good performance show that Test cricket can bring out the best among the players”.

The World Test Championship (WTC) was recently introduced as part of the ICC’s efforts to increase the interest in test cricket. Starc welcomed the decision and said it will certainly help to increase the popularity of test cricket. He said that it is “great” to see the WTC taking shape and getting closer to the climax.

Starc also talked about the importance of developing new techniques, and he believes the players should keep innovating and challenging themselves to become better. According to him, “It’s important to develop new techniques and skills in the game which help you to improve on a daily basis. The game is full of surprises and new ideas. So, it’s important to be open-minded and think about different ways to approach the game.”

Overall, Starc believes test cricket is the pinnacle of the game and it helps to bring out the real talent among the players. He maintains that the WTC should add more interest to test cricket and it should ultimately help to find the best test cricket players.

Starc Finds Tests Always Far Above White-Ball Cricket

Australian pace bowler Mitchell Starc has paid attention to white-ball cricket for a long time, and has said his recent recognition in the longer format has made it all worthwhile.

“Test cricket is just well above the white-ball game,” Starc stated. “It’s a lot more methodical and disciplined and you have to manage yourself pretty well out in the middle.”

Starc has been a standout performer in Australia’s 2017/18 Test cricket season. He spearheaded the attack with 33 wickets from four matches, including his second 10-wicket haul in Perth, and capped the series with 26 wickets in the recent South Africa series.

Here are a few reasons why Starc considers tests to be far above the white-ball game:


In test matches, every moment is magnified, as every ball is a chance to make or break a record. This further highlights the importance of focus. With the excitement of the white-ball game, this focus can become harder to maintain.

Mental Endurance

Test cricket often asks more mental endurance than its white-ball counterpart. It’s more than just an individual battle against a batsman – it’s a five-day battle of attrition between two sides.

Changing Strategies

The strategies employed by teams change drastically – and quickly – in Test cricket. This is something that Starc appreciates, as it allows him to work on different plans and strategies in a shorter amount of time.

Winning, Losing and Exploiting Opportunities

In test cricket, something can change with just one ball and one wicket. This makes taking risks and exploiting opportunities all the more important – a lesson that Starc has learnt from his experiences in test matches.

“It’s a great challenge to get out there and bowl in those situations, where there can be a massive payoff,” he said.


Test cricket has presented many challenges to Starc. But it’s these challenges that have kept him motivated, and he believes that test cricket is far above the white-ball game.

Starc believes that there is a lot to be learnt from tests and the challenges they present, and that this experience can be applied to other areas of cricket. With his prowess in the longer format of the game, a deep appreciation and respect for the game of Test cricket shall remain with Mitchell Starc for a long time to come.

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