T20 World Cup scenarios: Pakistan rooting for India to stay alive


T20 World Cup scenarios: Pakistan rooting for India to stay alive

The latest edition of the T20 World Cup is proving to be an exciting tournament with the unpredictable outcomes of the matches. With the non-eliminati

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The latest edition of the T20 World Cup is proving to be an exciting tournament with the unpredictable outcomes of the matches. With the non-elimination and the double Super Over policy, it has kept the tournament wide open and on the edge of the seat.

Pakistan, one of the teams in contention for the cup, have seen their hopes of progressing to the top four hinges on the upcoming matches between India and Sri Lanka. As India has been struggling in their previous matches, Pakistan is now rooting for their arch-rivals so that they can stay alive in the tournament and give a chance to countries like Pakistan to stay alive in the tournament.

The most recent match between India and Bangladesh saw India struggling to chase the run-rate set by Bangladesh, scoring just 132 runs off their 20 overs. While the match ended in a tie, the two sides used the new Super-over addition to settle the tie, where Indian side ended up losing.

With another lost, India are now at a point of elimination from the tournament, with just two matches left in their campaign. Pakistan is rooting for India to win their upcoming matches against Sri Lanka to keep their hopes of a title alive, as a defeat for India would mean that the other contenders for the title like Pakistan, Australia, England and South Africa would have to face each other to secure their place in the top four.

While India and Pakistan have seen themselves getting into rivalries on the international platform, in this tournament they have found themselves in the same boat. While their rivalry may not take a complete stop, in this tournament they will be rooting for each other so that their paths stay open for the T20 World Cup finals.

The much-awaited semi-final and the final of this T20 World Cup is sure to witness some of the most nerve-wracking matches as teams look to desperately hold onto their chances of getting their hands on the cup. With just two matches remaining until the semi-finals, teams are keeping their fingers crossed as they hope to get their hands on the trophy this year.

T20 World Cup Scenarios: Pakistan Rooting for India to Stay Alive

In this year’s T20 World Cup, host nation India was knocked out of the tournament in the Super-10 round. Although they are out of the tournament, they are still hopeful that India will progress in the competition as Pakistan has become their biggest cheerleader.

Why is Pakistan Cheering for India?

Pakistan is rooting for India to win in the competition for a number of reasons:

  • Political Reasons – Pakistan and India have traditionally had a strained relationship and rarely support or wish upon good fortune for each other. The fact that Pakistan is vocally supporting India in an international sporting event is a huge show of solidarity and positive relations.
  • Sportsmanship – Pakistan, who are currently competing in the T20 World cup, believe in honouring good sportsmanship, even when it comes to the opposing team. They believe in the true spirit of the game, and want to encourage the other side to win.
  • National Prestige – Pakistan understands how important the T20 World Cup is to India, and how significant a win would be for the people of the country. By supporting India, Pakistan hopes to further elevate the prestige of the sport in the entire region.

India Response to Pakistan’s Cheer

Despite the traditional and troubled relationship between the two countries, India has openly welcomed Pakistan’s cheering. Rather than giving attention to their differences, both sides have decided to focus on the common thing that unites them, their love for the sport.

The current T20 World Cup campaign has seen a number of amazing moments of sportsmanship, and India and Pakistan’s cheer for each other will surely be remembered for years to come.