Teen girls prepare for space launch


Teen girls prepare for space launch

NASA is set to make history this week as two teen girls are set to be the first teens to launch into space. With the help of renowned scientist, Dr. S

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NASA is set to make history this week as two teen girls are set to be the first teens to launch into space. With the help of renowned scientist, Dr. Stephen Hawking, Grace and Emma, ages 18, have spent the past three years in grueling preparations for their groundbreaking journey.

On Thursday morning, the two teens will board the space shuttle at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and will then travel over 300 miles above the Earth’s surface. During their 6-day mission, the teens will complete experiments in space and serve as role models for other young people striving for science and space exploration.

Grace and Emma have both expressed their excitement for their journey and have been actively sharing their experiences with followers on social media. On her Twitter account, Grace posted that she felt “beyond blessed to have the opportunity to do something only few have done in history.” She added that “being able to touch the stars, literally, is a dream come true.” Emma echoed her sentiments and said, “This is an incredible opportunity to inspire and encourage other young individuals to strive for their dreams.”

The two teens are part of an outstanding team that is determined to eclipse national boundaries and push humanity beyond its current boundaries. They are inspiring individuals who demonstrate the power of ambition and a great respect for science.

Grace and Emma’s historic journey will be broadcast live on Thursday at 8 a.m. EDT. The space launch eagerly awaits as the world prepares to witness this remarkable moment in space exploration.

Teen Girls Prepare for Space Launch

Two teenage girls, Alyssa Carson and Atari Terrell, are set to be the first ever teenagers to take part in a space mission to Mars. The pair, who are both 17-years-old, have both trained extensively in order to qualify for the ambitious mission, which is scheduled to take place in 2033.

Teenage Astronauts

Alyssa Carson is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and says she has dreamed of being an astronaut since the age of three. She has been training since the age of seven, and has become the first and only human to complete all three levels of the NASA Astronaut Candidate program.

Atari Terrell is from Portland, Oregon and has been studying astronomy and physics since the age of 15. She has had a lifelong passion for space exploration and is determined to be the first teenager on Mars.

Space Training

In order to qualify for the mission, both girls have spent a great deal of time training at various space camps and centers, as well as completing online courses in order to become certified astronauts.

Alyssa has trained extensively in robotic and lunar exploration, while Atari has focused on learning about the environment of space and how to handle long-term missions. Both have also completed numerous advanced courses in personal safety, zero-gravity, and rocket science.

Preparations for the Mission

The pair are now in the process of preparing for the mission, which is set to launch in 2033. They have started to get their bodies ready for the extreme conditions that they will face in the spacecraft, including:

  • Zero gravity: preparing their bodies for the effects of zero gravity and maintaining good muscle and bone strength while in space.
  • Radiation: understanding how radiation works in space and what preventative measures they will need to take.
  • Medical training: learning first aid and how to administer medical treatments while in space.
  • Nutritional needs: understanding the nutritional needs of a human body in space and what special foods, vitamins, and supplements they need all in order to stay healthy.


These two inspiring teenage girls, who have been training for years and are now preparing for this ambitious space mission, are a testament to what is possible with dedication and hard work. We wish them the best of luck as they strive to make history as the first teenage astronauts to have ever embarked on a mission to Mars!