The Hundred to be played in four-week window in August 2023

The Hundred to be played in four-week window in August 2023

On Thursday 2nd April 2021, The Royal London One-Day Cup (RLODC) announced the scheduling for the 2021 season which will involve a four-week “hundred” window in August 2023.

The RLODC are Britain’s premier one-day tournament, and have been running for over 25 years with the professional county playing against each other in four-day and day/night limited-overs cricket. This season the tournament will span from 28th April to 9th September, and will feature some of the best players from all around the world.

The ‘hundred’ is a new format of cricket that has been recently introduced to the UK, and it is hoped that it will revolutionise cricket. This new format involves two teams of ten players playing a hundred-balls-per-side game of cricket. The hundred will be played in four-week window in August 2023 and will feature eight county teams.

The teams in the ‘hundred’ tournament will be the Birmingham Bears, London Spitfires, Northamptonshire Steelbacks, Notts Outlaws, Durham Jets, Sussex Sharks, Essex Eagles and The Yorkshire Vikings. These teams will all be vying for the top spot, with the best of the best coming out on top – as always!

The RLODC have said that this new format has the potential to revolutionise cricket and will

The Hundred to be Played in Four-Week Window in August 2023

The Hundred tournament is set to start in August 2023 and will be played over a four-week window. This 100-ball tournament, which is the latest and most revolutionary addition to cricket, is revolutionising the game.

The format of the tournament will have 15 six-ball overs per innings and a change of ends and bowlers after 10 balls. This will allow each team to have the chance to bowl and field with the same intensity as they would do in a 50-over game.

The tournament will be divided into two stages – a group stage followed by a blockbuster finals day. All teams will play each other once in the group stage and the four teams who win the most matches will progress to the finals day. On the finals day, these four teams will compete in a knock-out tournament to determine the winner of the Hundred.

Each team will have some of the world’s best players, including local and international stars. Sam Billings from England, Dinesh Karthik from India, Rashid Khan from Afghanistan, and Yuzvendra Chahal from India are just a few of the names who have been confirmed for the tournament.

Exciting Features of the Hundred

  • PowerPlay: There will be a 2-over Power Play at the start of every innings, during which the batting team will be allowed to hit two boundaries.
  • Strategic Timeouts: Each team will be able to take one strategic timeout per innings, which will be lasting three minutes.
  • Bowler Sub: Each team will be able to use a bowler substitution instead of a standard power play.
  • X-Factor Substitution: Each team will be able to use a game-changing X-Factor substitution, which can be made at any point in the innings.

The Hundred will be an exciting and innovative tournament and a great addition to the cricket calendar. With some of the world’s best players competing in this new format, it promises to be a must-watch event for cricket fans around the world.

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