Warner’s manager claims Australia were ‘told’ to tamper with ball after Hobart loss in 2016-17

After a Test match loss in Hobart to South Africa, Warner's manager has made public claims that the Australian team were 'told' by the Cricket Austral

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After a Test match loss in Hobart to South Africa, Warner’s manager has made public claims that the Australian team were ‘told’ by the Cricket Australia to tamper with the ball during the game.

The AL Man’s Cricket Australia CEO, Alistair Nicholson, has denied these claims and firmly stated that such an instruction was never given. This is due to ball tampering being an illegal act and an act of moral and ethical distrust.

The allegations come as a result of comments Tim Paine made in the post-match interview after Australia lost the Test match. Paine stated that the team had to “Try and change the ball as much as we can… maybe even go as far as to say, you know, we are allowed to.”

Warner’s manager, however, has commented that the Australian team were indeed instructed to tamper with the ball after the Hobart loss. He believes that Paine’s comment were forced on him by Cricket Australia. Additionally, the manager claimed that tampering occurred in 9 out of 10 international cricket matches.

The manager has yet to provide concrete evidence of this accusation and until then, Cricket Australia has maintained its stance that no instruction was given to the Australian team to tamper with the ball.

Cricket Australia has said that they take such allegations very seriously and are currently looking into the incident.

This latest incident has put the matter of ball tampering into the public spotlight yet again, a topic of much contention among cricket fans. It will be interesting to see how Cricket Australia responds to the situation. It is certain that unless there is conclusive evidence to support the claims made by Warner’s manager, the accusation will continue to remain as just that.

Australian Cricket Team Tampered With the Ball After Loss In 2016-17 Claims Warner’s Manager

On March 7 2021, Warner’s manager, company Iso-Sport, released a statement claiming that the Australian cricket team continued to tamper with the ball after the loss in Hobart in the 2016-17 season. The statement further alleged that the players had been “told” to tamper the ball.

What is Ball tampering?

Ball tampering is the illegal practice of altering, adjusting or manipulating the ball outside the expected surface roughness and shine in cricket sport.

Previous Allegations and Consequences

This is not the first time Australian players have faced charges of tampering. During the 2018 Cape Town test match between Australia and South Africa, the match was marred by accusations of ball tampering by Cameron Bancroft. Bancroft was issued with a nine-month ban from international cricket and David Warner and Steve Smith were fined and banned for twelve months.

Response From Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia has responded to the claims made by Iso-Sport. A spokesperson from the organization stated that there is no evidence to support the allegation, and that the organization is committed to the highest standards of integrity and behaviour.

The spokesperson also stated that when these allegations were first made in 2016, the organization launched an in-depth investigation and found no evidence to back up the claims.


Cricket Australia maintains its position that these allegations from 2016 are unsubstantiated, and it remains committed to the highest standards of integrity and behaviour.

It is important that the sport maintains a strong stance against any form of illegal ball tampering, to uphold the integrity of the game and ensure fair play.