Will Melbourne’s unpredictable weather impact the final?


Will Melbourne’s unpredictable weather impact the final?

As Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) gears up to host the 2021 AFL Grand Final this October, observers are wary of potential impacts that Melbourne's unp

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As Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) gears up to host the 2021 AFL Grand Final this October, observers are wary of potential impacts that Melbourne’s unpredictable weather and climate may have on the outcome of the match.

Cricket fans across the world have long taken a special interest in Australian weather, due to the role it occasionally plays in the outcome of matches. In Victoria, the weather can be particularly changeable. Long-range weather predictions can be difficult to make, and forecasts can often change closer to the time.

In recent years, Melbourne has seen scorching days, with some matches being impacted by heat stress or smoky conditions. Storms have also caused delays in some AFL Grand Finals. The unpredictable weather can also disrupt the players’ routines, potentially having an effect on the match itself.

The AFL has confirmed to the public that the Grand Final will take place at the MCG in October, regardless of weather conditions. Although the League acknowledges that Melbourne’s weather can be a factor, it is committed to ensuring the game will still go ahead if there is rain or high winds. This reinforces their commitment to delivering a safe, successful event.

Ultimately, the unpredictable weather of Melbourne is a factor that fans, players, and officials must be prepared to consider in the lead-up to this year’s AFL Grand Final. If such conditions do arise, it could shape the outcome of the game.

Will Melbourne’s Unpredictable Weather Affect the Final?

Melbourne is renowned for its unpredictable shifting four seasons in one day weather patterns. This might make it an especially difficult city to plan an outdoor event ahead of time. This is certainly true for the upcoming AFL Grand Final, one of the biggest events in Australian sport – so could the weather be a game-changer?


Sunny Skies

One of the advantages of Melbourne’s unpredictable weather is that there is also a chance of a sunny, beautiful day. A sunny day is always a plus during an event of this caliber. Not only is it beneficial to the players, it also offers fans a great atmosphere in the stands and in the streets.


Another plus of unpredictable weather is that the event planners have some flexibility when it comes to making preparations. Depending on the forecast, they can make a decision to do something differently on the day such as adding or removing covers, or changing the timing of the event. This makes it much easier for them to make sure that the event can run its course in the optimum conditions.



One of the main concerns for the event planners is that it might rain on the day of the Grand Final. Rain can be a real nuisance for both players and spectators, and can potentially impact the play on the field, as well as the atmosphere in the stands.


Another factor to consider is wind. If the wind is too strong, then this could affect the flights of the ball, reducing it’s accuracy and affecting players’ performance. This could have a major impact on the outcome of the game.


It’s clear that Melbourne’s unpredictable weather can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to outdoor events. While there is a chance of an enjoyable sunny day and some flexibility for planners, there is also the risk of rain or strong winds which could potentially disrupt the game and impact the final result.

At the same time, unpredictable weather is just a part of life in Melbourne, and the AFL will just have to make the best of it and prepare accordingly regardless of the weather.